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Baskerville Ultra Muzzle™

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is the world's ultimate muzzle. Its design and materials allow for a customizable fit and permits canines to go about their daily activities with ease.



  • Improved design with easy buckle closure
  • Features a flexible fit that allows dogs to eat while wearing
  • Safety straps ensure muzzle remains safely in place
  • Slightly moldable materials after exposure to warm water to fit a variety of canine facial features


(MBU02V pictured)

MBU01V 1 2.5" 8.5"
MBU02V 2 3" 10.5"
MBU03V 3 3" 11"
MBU04V 4 3.5" 12"
MBU05V 5 4.5" 13.5"
MBU06V 6 5" 16"

Length: Measure the dog's snout from below the eyes to the tip of the nose
Circumference: Wrap measuring tape around the snout's widest point