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Feline No Flap Ear Wrap™

Our Feline No Flap Ear Wrap is healing ears, one cat at a time. Utilized for a variety of conditions including: protecting ears with injuries or bandages, retaining medication in the ear, protection from scratching, and guards against environmental hazards. Two secure straps and adjustable plastic spine allow for a customized fit to feline patients' needs.



  • Aids in recovery from aural Hematomas, cuts and tears to ears, chronic itching and scratching
  • Helps shield ear canals from grass and other environmental hazards
  • Provides both post-surgical and general ear protection
  • Extremely breathable green pinpoint mesh material allows air flow and heat to escape
  • Unique design offers a secure fit with integrated plastic spines that will not hold a memory form
  • Both machine and hand washable
  • Also available in larger sizing for canines

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Green Pinpoint Mesh
NFPC00 Small 3.5" - 5.5"
9 cm - 14 cm
7" - 10"
18 cm - 25 cm
NFPC01 Large 5" - 7"
13 cm - 18 cm
9" - 13"
23 cm - 33 cm


Measurement A: Measure from the middle of the forehead above the eyes to where a collar would naturally sit on the neck
Measurement B: Measure around the neck