The Good, Bad and The Ugly Truth About Inflatable Collars.

dog wearing a kong cloud by kvp

Do They Actually Work for Pets?

Most pet owners are familiar with the big plastic cone-of-shame dog collar that can be required of pets to wear for optimal healing conditions. These cones are the best way to stop pets from licking, biting, or scratching healing wounds and protect their coats.

Traditional cones can be a nuisance, causing our pets to run into furniture, generate discomfort, and create added stress from obstructed vision. Many times, as pet parents, we recognize this discomfort and remove the cone; compromising the most efficient healing of our pets. For many circumstances though, an inflatable e-collar is an excellent solution, such as:

  • Limiting reach from healing wounds on the body (not limbs)
  • Preventing scratching of the face
  • Allowing full peripheral vision to pets stressed by obstructed sight

Inflatable collars can be a great alternative for standard dog cones, but it is important to keep in mind: will this work for my pet? And am I buying the right type of inflatable collar?


Will This Work For My Pet?

Every pet is different, some may be unbothered by a cone and an inflatable collar would be a great choice for them; others may strongly dislike collars. Even though often temporary and necessary, they’ll find any way possible to get them off. This repeated maltreatment of inflatable collars could cause them to wear down a lot faster than a hard plastic collar. In those cases, choosing a hard plastic collar may be the best option for your pet.


The other thing to consider is what part of the body are you aiming to protect? Inflatable collars are more than capable of protecting pets’ bodies, but because inflatable collars are less obstructive, they can still allow enough room for licking and biting of their limbs. If a wound that needs healing is located on a pets hind leg or front paw, opting for an inflatable collar may not be in your favor.


Am I Buying the Right Inflatable Collar?

So you’ve decided that you want to give an inflatable collar a try, but don’t know where to start. When shopping for an inflatable collar you want to check for these specificities:

  1. Look for a plush or non-irritating fabric externally to protect pets’ faces and necks like the KONG Cloud Collar
  2. Get a collar that has some sort of filling, foam, or bladder – in the event that pets are able to get a nail into the collar, you don’t want it to collapse immediately on you.
  3. Look for scratch- or bite-resistant collars to stand the ultimate test of time, especially if you are looking for long-term use.
  4. Find a collar with secure and/or adjustable Velcro straps like the Air-O. Many times inflatable collars branded for pets are glorified pool floaties, and can be less effective than you had hoped.

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