The Cat Cone: The Best E-Collars for Cats

cute orange tabby cat looking out the window

The Underdogs and Classics of Feline Protection

Dogs in an e-collar or cone? You see it all the time, but felines? We don’t see it enough! Cats undergo procedures that leave healing wounds vulnerable to licking and itching too. Not sure how your cat would do with a cone? Here are a few e-collar suggestions or cone alternatives that protect your cat’s coat while healing or from obsessive compulsive habits.

What is a Cat Cone?

Similar to the canine cone that you see around dogs’ necks, there are smaller and more feline-friendly versions available to cats. These open-ended cones encircle the cat’s face and extend outward, so they are unable to bite or lick beyond the sides of the cone. These cones are also commonly referred to as e-collars in the veterinary industry and are humorously known as the cone-of-shame.


cat in saf t shield e collar by kvp


One of the first industry-standard collars to become well-known in the veterinary industry is the Saf-T-Shield. The tried-and-true, secure e-collar provides full-body coverage, has an opaque tint, and has been around for over 50 years. For our fidgety feline friends that can “Houdini” their way out of just about anything uncomfortable, there is a padded collar that rests comfortably on their neck, unlike many collars that you’ll see with rough edges.


cat in bitenot e collar by kvp


 The BiteNot collar is an alternative to the traditional plastic e-collar, but is only ideal for body-only/ torso coverage for cats. While impractical for protecting limbs from licking or scratching, the collar acts as a light cervical stabilizer, preventing felines from twisting their neck enough to lick or bite at any healing wounds or bandages on their body. This is especially favorable to cats that strongly dislike their line of sight being obstructed.


The EZ Soft e-collar is a veterinary industry favorite and is the preferred choice for cats by many veterinarians and clinics. This cone stands out not only because it is blue, but because of its soft, Flexstay material that allows the cone to maintain its shape and fold in as cat’s maneuver around their environment. This cone is a great option for active cats and has a cinch-tight toggle for an adjustable fit while providing full-body coverage.



The Feline No Flap Ear Wrap is a new kind of e-collar available to cat parents specifically designed to protect felines’ ears. This collar is utilized for everything cat-ear-related! It protects head and ear bandages, aural hematomas, and can retain ear medication. This is a great option for outdoor cats as well that are subject to a more hazardous environment when it comes to unwanted species or plants making a “home” in or on their ears.

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