Will A Dog Cone Stop My Dog From Licking?

prevent dog itching with cone

Seasonal Allergies and Compulsive Habits Are Difficult to Stop, But You Can Block Chronic Itching with an E-Collar for Dogs and Cats.


When pet’s are exposed to allergens and start to feel an itch, they don’t comprehend that continuous itching can make matters worse. When the itching becomes more persistent, it can become chronic allergies that further exacerbate skin irritation. Responses to allergens in pets food or environment can be recognized by excessive:

  1. Scratching or rubbing against objects or walls
  2. Biting at hot spots
  3. Loss of their coat in some spots where the itching is persistent
  4. Licking, especially on the paws


Using an e-collar, also known as the cone-of-shame, can prevent pets from reaching any affected areas, and allow any wounds from their allergen-related reactions to heal. For long-term use of an e-collar, shopping around for a collar that can provide sturdy and reusable protection is important, in addition to comfort. The traditional plastic cones do the job, but after a while they can wear down or become uncomfortable for all-day, every-day, wear. Here are some veterinarian preferred collars for pet’s than need something long term:


The Calmer Collar is a veterinarian favorite because of the color on the inside making it a certified Fear Free product. The plush, but sturdy structure provides support, while also allowing it to become washable. This is a great option for pets that get distracted by their allergies, even during feeding times, because it has an open-close Velcro option to feed pets while wearing the e-collar.



The EZ Soft e-collar for both cats and dogs has Flexstay technology that allows the cone to protect while also shifting for more active and maneuverable pets (we’re looking at you cat parents). The cinch-tight toggle allows pet parents to customize the size around the neck while providing full-body coverage.




The KONG Cloud is a great solution for pets that do not react well to having their vision partially obstructed. While this collar is great for protecting pets from reaching any hot spots on the body, it is less ideal for protecting limbs or paws. The cushioning on this e-collar provides a plush and washable surface, and includes an additional air bladder to withstand scratching and biting.  

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